Red Legacy

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Contingency Plans Recorder

Red Legacy is one of four Documents in Cold Darkness Awakened (additional content for Rise of the Tomb Raider). It belongs to the Contingency Plans set, containing messages addressed to Konstantin from an unnamed Trinity agent.

They came searching for the formula...


I have all faith that you will be able to recover the Divine Source, but destiny has provided us with another path. I have recovered documentation, photographs, and film reels of the original experiments.

The chemical agent acts on the endocrine system, accelerating the retention of DHT. The subjects show enormous increases in speed and strength, but also considerable drops in cognition and self-control.

If they had been able to continue their research, they might have been able to solve the problem, but they were victims of their own partial success.

We're standing on the shoulders of giants, my old friend. We only need to reach.