Quest for Cinnabar

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Quest for Cinnabar
Platforms mobile phones
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Game Chronology:
The Osiris Codex Quest for Cinnabar

Quest for Cinnabar is a little adventure game for mobile phones.


In the first episode Lara received a commission to retrieve a famous Egyptian work, The Osiris Codex. On returning from Egypt with the fabled manuscript, Lara finds that her anonymous employer wishes her to travel immediately to Tibet.

Her destination is a nameless ancient monastery, which sits high on an escarpment. Lara must secure a priceless ancient vase containing Cinnabar, a substance used in the creation of life affirming tinctures. Lara Croft is well aware that the supposedly mythical city of Shangri-La is actually rooted in Tibetan folklore, which describes a remote valley inhabited by immortals.

Could this legend be linked to her latest adventure? [1]

Items Codes

  • GN0000 (Pistols)
Description: These are the standard pistols that Lara always carries. They are not particularly powerful, but are better than nothing in a tight situation.
  • GN4700 (Medi Pack)
Description: This is a small medical pack that will restore a portion of your health. It is an immediate use item and cannot be kept for later use.
  • GN9500 (Medi Kit)
Description: This is a large medical pack that will restore your health completely. It is an immediate use item and cannot be kept for later use.
  • GN1372 (Uzi)
Description: This is a more powerful gun than the standard pistols that Lara always carries. They do twice as much damage as the pistols but have a limited amount of ammunition. More ammunition can be picked up during the game. When you pick up the Uzi it automatically replaces the pistols until the ammunition runs out.
Description: This is an additional ammunition clip for the Uzi. It gets used automatically. This is an immediate use item, which means that if you do not have the Uzi in your possession when you pick up the Ammo Clip, it will not be saved for use at a later time.
Description: Dynamite can be used to destroy weak sections of walls in the levels. When you pick up dynamite, it is stored in your inventory until you find a place where you can use it. A floating '?' indicates that Lara can interact with the environment. There are several possible types of interaction, one of which is placing the dynamite.
Description: A selection of bronze coins. However, they seem to have been intended for a specific function, as it appears that at some stage they were joined together by a piece of straw rope. The rope has long since rotted away and they are now just lying in a pile in the dust.
Description: Careful examination of the runes inscribed on this moondial indicates that it should be used in conjunction with the Osiris Codex. Fortunately, it is a full moon tonight so Lara can operate the moondial as described to solve the puzzle. Placing the page containing the Eye of Horus at the centre of the moondial and reflecting the moonbeams through the dial's perforations, a faint map and instructions appear beneath the Eye. Using a pencil to quickly sketch in the illuminated map before the moonbeams fade, Lara now has a solution to accessing a hidden room that lies ahead.
Description: A bronze sanctifying bell commonly used in the first stage of a purification ritual. The bronze bell is commonly associated with the earth, with the mixture of metals that comprise bronze being equivalent to the earthly mixtures. Rituals associated with the earth should be conducted in the time when both the sun and moon are present in the sky. The Osiris codex discusses 3 different sanctifying rituals. The ritual for the bronze bell appears to be as follows: Prior to starting any ritual, it is necessary to cleanse the body and relax the mind. Ring the bell 3 times to commence the ritual. The first ring is to acknowledge the setting sun, the second ring is to acknowledge the rising moon and the third ring is to acknowledge the earth. Next, conduct the blessings provided in the Codex to the North, South, East and West. Finally, ring the bell 3 times to end the ritual.
Description: A copper sanctifying bell commonly used in the second stage of a purification ritual. The copper bell is commonly associated with the moon, and any ritual involving a copper bell should be conducted at night under the full moon for best effect. The ritual for the copper bell is given in the Codex as follows: Prior to starting any ritual, it is necessary to cleanse the body and relax the mind. Ring the bell twice to commence the ritual, once to indicate the setting of the sun and a second time to indicate the rising of the moon. Next, conduct the blessings provided in the Codex to the North, South, East and West. Finally, ring the bell twice to end the ritual. Once to indicate the setting of the moon and a second time to indicate the rising of the sun.

Description: A gold sanctifying bell commonly used in the final stages of a purification ritual. The gold bell is commonly associated with the sun, and any ritual involving a gold bell should be conducted at midday for best effect. Prior to starting any ritual, it is necessary to cleanse the body and relax the mind. Ring the bell loudly once to commence the ritual. Next, conduct the blessings provided in the Codex to the North, South, East and West. Finally, ring the bell once to end the ritual.
Description: This stone tablet is carved with a script similar to that found in the Osiris Codex. Using the codex, Lara is able to analyse the script, which turns out to be a detailed description of the ancient Tibetan teleports. The key message is that motion on one side of a teleport will continue on the other side. In other words, jumping into a teleport on one side will result in you jumping out of the other side. This information could be vital to successfully pass through teleporters in later levels.
Description: It may look like an ornament, but when held up to the light, the reflections through the crystal cast strange partial runes on the walls. Lara recalls a page in the Osiris Codex that she was unable to read. Is it possible that these partial runes combined with the unknown symbols in the Codex might result in an understandable message? Carefully opening the Codex to the appropriate page and positioning the crystal to reflect upon it, Lara is able to decipher the hidden message. The message details how the ancients used amber to preserve precious items, but specially hardened it so only the hottest fires could melt the amber and release the perfectly preserved item inside. It seems strange that such a message should be so well hidden, but maybe there is a reason for the secrecy.
Description: This appears to be a piece of a wall mural of a creature of unknown type. Interestingly, this piece appears to be designed to detach, as there are a set of hooks set in the back. It is possible that hooking this back in the place it belongs will activate or deactivate some trap or secret door.
Description: The urn of Cinnabar. The item that Lara has been searching for. Originally encased in amber and now freed from its ancient prison, Lara will need to hurry back to Scotland with her prize. The elements contained in the urn have many properties, but according to the Codex, the key property discovered by the ancient mystics was its use in a ritual to extend life. From the information gleaned in the Codex, Lara can assume that her mysterious employer needs to re-enact the ritual for their own purposes. Given the secrecy involved in this mission so far, she feels she should investigate her mysterious employer before handing over such an important treasure.

Map Codes

Description: Two high ranking monks founded the original monastery in this isolated location. It is said by some that they were outcasts from a monastery in India, and by others that they had been asked to find a safe and secure place to store an ancient secret.
Description: Monasteries are often built to mirror the structure of the Universe. This one was obviously also built to keep people out.
Description: There is a legend that the original founder of the monastery made peace with the Serpent Spirit and exchanged a company of guard with him. To this day, it is said that the spirits of these serpents still dwell in the Monastery guarding the treasures that lie here.
Description: The monastery fell into disuse after the monks split along two different ideologies. The initial debates about these ideologies eventually escalated into a full scale religious war within the temple. The only benefits of this war were the creation of some of the most ingenious traps known to man.
Description: The monks were the first and only civilization to develop teleportation techniques, and normally used them to reach their most precious of treasures, concealing them from those who did not possess their wisdom.
Description: A mandala is an imaginary palace that is contemplated during meditation. This large grotto was constructed to aid the monks in the meditation process. As this area needs to be accessed regularly by the faithful, progress is restricted by physical means rather than spiritual.
Description: It is rumoured that the secret of eternal life was discovered at this location. The well at the centre of this chamber extends deep into the earth, so deep in fact that the water in the well is known to boil and steam at certain times. To navigate this area safely, it is vital to understand the mechanics of the monks teleportation systems.
Description: Movement around this holy place is restricted to those of pure faith. Consequently Lara must prove her worth by sanctifying the shrine in some way. She will appear as holy as the monks themselves by emulating their ceremonial practices, making her journey easier.
Description: The Fragile Road was constructed to test the faith of those wishing to access the two Halls of Seasons by means of various trials and traps.
Description: The Winter Hall provides a sanctuary for the monks during the cold of winter.
Description: The Summer Hall is used for ceremonies during the warmer months. Access to the higher levels (including the Chapel Tower) is facilitated by vast lifting mechanisms, and protected by lethal traps
Description: The Chapel Tower provides access to the heart of the monastery. The monks devised a complicated system of hidden ladders and paths. These can only be unlocked with a sequence of switches that are inaccessible to those who do not possess their ability to cast focussed balls of light.
Description: Here in the heart of the monastery the monks have combined their highest levels of physical and spiritual protection to prevent outsiders from reaching their holy artefacts. Even those with knowledge of their teleportation techniques may be caught off guard by the devious arrangement of portals.
Description: Any outsiders who make it this far into the monastery are faced with an enormous labyrinth. Great physical and mental strength are needed to progress further.
Description: A potential entrance through the roof of the monastery is completely impenetrable from the outside. This is the most likely location of the Cinnabar, as it must be exposed to the heavens during the creation of life-extending elixirs. Hopefully the monks’ secret exit can still be opened from the inside.



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