Professor Worth's King Arthur Museum

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The sign of the museum

Professor Worth's King Arthur Museum is found in Tomb Raider Legend in the Cornwall level England - King Arthur's Tomb?.

It is a deserted museum, containing talking figures as a guide through King Arthur's life and telling information about the tale of Excalibur. Because it is deserted there are some problems moving around. Nobody has been taking care of the museum since Professor Worth's death [1], which has lead to the museum falling into disrepair.

However, after turning the power back on, Lara is able to enter the museum, and continue through the area to King Arthurs tomb. And despite the museums desertness, the talking figures are fully functional, and by pressing buttons next to the figures Lara hears about King Arthur and Excalibur, probably narrarted by the voice of Professor Worth.



  1. Alister tells it via headset in the game


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