Philosopher's Stone

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Philosopher's Stone
Found 1995
Rome, Italy
Game(s) Tomb Raider Chronicles
Level Found The Colosseum

The Philosopher's Stone is an artefact Lara discovered in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

It was one of the first artefacts Lara was after in her adventures.

Ah, the Philosopher's Stone. One of Lara's early conquests. And one of her most challenging pursuits, if my memory serves me.
Winston Smith[1]


Not much is revealed of the artefact's history during the game, but it's most likely sought for because of its said powers.


In Tomb Raider Chronicles Lara travels to Rome to search for it. The stone lay within the Philosopher's Gate that could only be unlocked by retrieving the God Stones, and defeating the Stone Serpents that guarded it.

After defeating the Serpent Gargoyles and opening the Philosopher's Gate, Lara made it to the artefact. However, when she tried to remove the stone from its resting place in a wall of gold, the platform she was standing on gave way. Lara was casted into a long tunnel that led to the catacombs of The Colosseum. Lara then found another way back into the temple through the Colosseum. She made another more successful attempt to remove the stone using a crowbar.


Red, delicate gemstone with a rough stone bottom.


The stone upon contact would turn other metals into pure gold. The wall it was embedded in, was already made of gold when Lara removed the stone.

Historical Precedent

The Philosopher's Stone is more a legendary alchemical substance than an actual stone. In addition to turn metals into gold or silver, it was believed to be an elixir of life - useful for rejuvenation or even achieving immortality. Mentions of the artefact can be found as far back as cirka 300 A.D. [2]


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