Pharos, Temple Of Isis

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Pharos, Temple Of Isis
The Last Revelation
Section Alexandria Section
Level No 19
Secrets 0
Location Egypt, Alexandria
Level Chronology:
Hall Of Demetrius Pharos, Temple Of Isis Cleopatra's Palaces

Pharos, Temple Of Isis is the nineteenth level in The Last Revelation and the seventh in the Alexandria Section.

The areas that Lara explores appear to be a Temple to Isis hidden in the foundations of the Lighthouse of Alexandria which are still standing; however, Pharos was not known to hold a temple at all.

The main goal is to collect four black beetles and get the winding key. To do that you must slide down and get three black beetles with the crowbar and get the fourth one from the next level, Cleopatra's Palaces. Then you must return to this level and place the four beetles in the pyramid. Then you must collect both parts of the key and combine it so you can progress in the next level.


Lara has arrived to the temple of Isis. There she must find a way to reach the Cleopatra's Palaces for the rest of the Armour of Horus.



Artefacts & Keys




First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

  • Pushable tiles
  • Black Beetle Pyramid

Further information

Pharos was originally an offshore island of Alexandria. Later in it's history the Lighthouse of Alexandria was built, one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World, at some point in the third century BCE. The tower became very famous and was recognised all over the known world, news of it even reaching the Chinese. It was still standing in the early Medieval period.

However, two earthquakes in the 1300's collapsed the structure at last, and it was declared unsafe for use. The rubble remained until 1480, when the current Fort Quaitbey was built over the site of the Lighthouse, using some of the remains.


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