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Remark: This article describes the Peru Section in the original Tomb Raider. For information about the location, see Peru and for information on the section in Tomb Raider Anniversary, see Peru Section (TRA).


The Peru Section is the first section of the original Tomb Raider. In search for the fabled Scion artefact, which resides in the tomb of the Atlantean Ruler Qualopec, near the town Vilcabamba, Lara travels to the Andes region of Peru.



The section consists of four levels.


During the whole section Lara wears the Classic Outfit.


Lara encounters different animals that live in the caves around Vilcabamba, as well as the dinosaurs in the Lost Valley. At the end of the section Lara has to fight her first human opponent, Larson.

  • Wolves (26, 6 in Caves + 11 in City of Vilcabamba + 6 in Lost Valley + 3 in Tomb of Qualopec)
  • Bats (23, 7 in Caves + 16 in City of Vilcabamba )
  • Bear (3, 1 in Caves + 2 in City of Vilcabamba)
  • Velociraptors (8, 5 in Lost Valley + 3 in Tomb of Qualopec)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (1, in Lost Valley)
  • Larson




Keys and Puzzle Pieces