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Patch 52 is a patch for the PC version of The Angel of Darkness. It was released on 3 September 2003. This is the latest patch available and the recommended patch level, as it fixes many of the bugs encountered in AoD. It should be installed before starting a game as the save games from previous versions are not compatible.

This patch is a new version with additional fixes.

Please download and install the v.42 patch before installing this one for the full effect! Please be aware that this patch is NOT compatable(sic) with your savegames.

You can download savegame packs from us that will allow you to continue on with your game from the same level as before.
Square Enix Support Page[1]

Note: Newer re-releases of the game - like those on Steam or the double CD version - already include the most recent version of the game; these do not need to be patched.


The following changes have been made with this patch[2]:

  • Timestamps on Savegame files are now no longer in GMT but in local time
  • Various lighting effects
  • Conversation now uses the Action key
  • Key for cycle through weapons can now be remapped
  • Rapid ammo decrease bug fixed
  • Quick-save bug fixed
  • Other minor fixes

See Also


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  2. Stella's Archive of Patches