Parisian Policemen

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Parisian Policemen
Tr6 aod Policemen.JPG

The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons MV-9s

The Parisian Policemen are enemies in The Angel of Darkness.


There are different types of Parisian Policemen seen in The Angel of Darkness. Some have really heavy equipment, like the ones at the Derelict Apartment Block. Others have more casual clothing, like the common type of Parisian Policemen that appears in many levels in both Parisian Ghetto Section and Prague Section.



The first time Lara encounters the Parisian Policemen is on the level Parisian Backstreets in the part where Lara tells the player how to use the Stealth Mode. There Lara can silently kill the lone Policeman by sneaking behind him and pressing action.

In the level Derelict Apartment Block three Parisian Policemen will barge through the door. To slow them down, pull the Movable Closet in front of the door. As they enter, they throw cans of gas to the building. Two of the Parisian Policemen will stay at the door, the third one will come further inside the house. Lara can fight against the third Parisian Policeman with Hand to Hand Combat, but it's rather pointless since he can be avoided and fighting him deplenishes a lot of Lara's health. If Lara goes to the two Parisian Policemen at the door, she'll be arrested and the game ends.

When the Parisian Policemen appear later in the game, Lara has more weapons at hand to defend herself with. In Louvre Galleries, if Lara steps on the Lasers, a Parisian Policeman will be alarmed as well as the Louvre Guards.


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