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Country France
Games The Angel of Darkness
Comics The Angel of Darkness

Paris, the capital of France, is one of the locations in The Angel of Darkness both in the game and it's comic adaptation.

The Angel of Darkness

Lara travels to Paris to meet her old mentor Werner Von Croy. When after an argument with her, Werner is found dead, she is suspected to have murdered him. Lara has to flee from the police, while solving the mystery around the Monstrum which is resposible for the killings.

Eventually Lara makes her way into the Louvre to continue Margot Carvier's work in finding an entrance to the Hall of Seasons, below the Louvre. There one of the Obscura Paintings had been hidden.

Her last stop in Paris is the Apartment of Werner von Croy, where The Cleaner slips in and tries to eliminate her.



Comic adapatation of The Angel of Darkness

The three-part comic adaptation of the game (Comic Issue 32, Comic Issue 33 and Comic Issue 34) follows pretty much the events of the game.