Operational Report

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Sessions Recorder

Operational Report is a set of Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This set contains the thoughts of Konstantin about the assignment Trinity has given him, his sister Ana, the atrocities he has committed in Gods name, and how Lara Croft continues to foil his plans. It shows just how "twisted and vile" his mind is, that he believes he was personally chosen by God when he carved the stigmata into his hands when he was a child - something that in reality Ana did in order to manipulate him. At the same time it goes on to show his deep and sincere love for Ana, something one would not think he is capable of given his abominable acts of violence.

Documents of the Operational Report Set

There are six recordings in this set:

Trinity is here in force... with a lunatic in command.
Konstantin wonders if Ana has become too sentimental. That's not exactly how I would characterize her behavior.
Oh God... Someone did this to him... Someone pushed him onto this path when he was a child...
Konstantin is a man driven by his faith... but it's twisted and vile. He's been warped by his obsession...
Trinity has been after the Source for years, and they have been using my family to find it...
Konstantin cares so deeply about his sister... He would set the world on fire if it meant saving her...