Nightmare in Vegas

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Nightmare in Vegas
The Golden Mask
Level No 5
Secrets 3
Special Bonus Level
Location USA, Nevada, Las Vegas
Level Chronology:
Kingdom Nightmare in Vegas Jungle

Nightmare in Vegas is the Bonus Level of the Tomb Raider II Add-on The Golden Mask.

Some speculate that the whole level is, as the title suggests, a mere nightmare experienced by Lara. The many signs reading "Three Kings Convention" may indicate the name of the hotel or an event that might take place.

The level is packed full of extravagant textures, areas and bizarre enemies. The hotel Lara finds herself in contains an indoor pool, an exotic tropical exposition, a climable abstract sculpture, a concert stage, two caged Tyrannosaurs, and the already familiar Guardian, which Lara must defeat a second time.


While on holiday in Vegas, Lara is taken by surprise when the hotel she resides in is taken over by baddies. After receiving an ominous vision of her butler Winston, our heroine sets off to rescue him.




Typical Scenery of the Level