New York City

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New York City


Country USA
Games Tomb Raider Chronicles

Nightmare Stone

Comics Tomb Raider/The Darkness

Tomb Raider/Witchblade

New York City, New York, USA is a location Lara visits in the games Tomb Raider Chronicles and Nightmare Stone and in the Comics.

Tomb Raider / Witchblade

The first time Lara visits New York City is in Tomb Raider Witchblade Special Vol.1, Issue 1, in 1997 when she hunts a Winged Demon on a killing spree.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Main article: VCI Section

Lara infitrates the Von Croy Industries headquarters in New York to steal the Iris from Werner Von Croy.



Nightmare Stone

Lara travels New York in the Game Boy Color adventure Nightmare Stone, to visit the Museum of Antiquities.

Tomb Raider / The Darkness Special

In the comic named Tomb Raider / The Darkness Special the Metropolitan Museum is visited.

Real Life Facts

New York is a state and the most populous city in United States. [1]


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