Mr. Bohannon

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Mr. Bohannon
Education History
Occupation Teacher
Comic(s) Tomb Raider 1/2

Mr. Bohannon is a character in the comics. He was Lara's teacher during her time at Morrison.

When her paper on King Arthur's Legend does not meet his expectations, he confronts Lara, telling her, that she is one of the brightest students he's ever met, but that she fails to apply herself in any way. He threatens to inform her father about her behaviour and that considering her "abysmal grades", the school is considering her expulsion.

Years later, Lara - having changed by the events surrounding the plane crash, that killed her parents and her fiancée - writes him a letter, accompanied by King Arthur's Crown.

Dear Mr. Bohannon, years ago I wrote a paper regarding King Arthur's legend that you described as inadequate. You were correct. Please know that since then, I have seen my mistake for what it was. That my own life experiences have inspired me not only to learn of history, but to embrace it. My attitude towards you then was sadly lacking in respect. I hope this crown, a magnificent piece of history which actually belonged to the great King Arthur himself, will make up for my actions. L.C.
Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1, Issue 1/2