Mountain Village

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Mountain Village is a location in Tomb Raider (2013).

It starts after leaving the Mountain Temple location and ends when Lara enters the Base Approach location. Lara revisits this location after leaving Cliffside Village and before entering Mountain Pass. She visits here for a third time after leaving Chasm Monastery and finally leaves it for Mountain Descent.

At it's end (before continuing towards Mountain Descent) this location is riddled with human enemies Lara has to avoid or get rid of. She can use Flaming Arrows to ignite flammable liquids. Besides her bow he has to use her other weapons like the shotgun, too, to get rid of obstacles blocking her way and the Old Pry Tool as a hook for sliding down steel cables that connect some of the lookouts.

Base Camps

Day Camps


Xbox Press Conference Demo

From the Xbox press conference demo it is not apparent which game section it encompasses and when in the game Lara encounters it. In an interview Karl Stewart mentioned it was about one third up into the game.[citation needed]