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Mathias Vasiley
Died 2003
Prague, Czech Republic
Occupation Art dealer
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

Mathias Vasiley is a character in The Angel of Darkness.

He was an art dealer who lived in Prague. Mathias Vasiley was in possession of the five Obscura Engravings. He sent four of them to Werner Von Croy, who contacted him, but kept the fifth one.

He was one of the victims of Pieter Van Eckhardt.

In the level The Monstrum Crimescene Lara visits his house to search for the fifth engraving.

The Czech reporter Luddick tells the following about Mathias Vasiley:

He [Vasiley] was involved with the Mafia. -- I've been investigating Vasiley's activities for some time. -- Vasiley found something they [the Mafia] wanted and got smudged because he tried to hang onto it. They set the Monstrum on him.
Luddick on Mathias Vasiley to Lara[1]


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  1. In-game dialogue between Lara and Luddick in the Monstrum Crimescene level