Margot Carvier

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Margot Carvier
Tr6 traod carvier closeup.png
Died In 2001
Paris, France
Nationality French
Occupation Professor at the department of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the Louvre
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

Margot Carvier is a character from The Angel of Darkness.

She is a historian and academic at the Dept. of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She has been involved in recent archaeological digs beneath the Louvre. She is also a friend and colleague of Werner Von Croy.

In the game Lara visits her in her appartment, while on the run, when she was accused of having murdered Von Croy. Margot lives alone. She has kept Werner's diary for Lara, which she picks up.

Lara learns from Janice that Margot was murdered by the Monstrum.

NEWSFLASH - The Monstrum has struck again. This time the victim was a professor Margot Carvier of the department of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the Louvre. Her body was discovered yesterday and police want to interview a woman seen leaving the premises around the time of the murder. She is described as Caucasian, brunette, about 1.8m and slim build. When last seen she was wearing jeans, dark jacket and a pony tail.[citation needed]