Lud's Gate

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Lud's Gate
Tomb Raider III
Section London/3
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 120 minutes

Secrets 6
Location Europe, England, London
Level Chronology:
Aldwych Lud's Gate City

Lud's Gate is the third London level in the game Tomb Raider III. It has more swimming than most levels in the game, and introduces the Hydro Propeller. It also has a swinging blade trap not seen anywhere else in the game.


Lara drops through an opening only to find herself forced to kneel in front of the Leader of a group called The Damned. After talking to him, she understands that the Damned are just victims of Sophia Leigh's experiments and they have unfortunately been turned immortal. The Leader tells Lara that an item found inside the Natural History Museum can rid them of this immortality. The heroine agrees to help him and heads for the museum in search of the Embalming Fluid.

Miscellaneous facts

Lud (Welsh: Lludd map Beli Mawr) was a legendary British king and founder of London, buried at Ludgate. [1]



Typical Scenery of Level