Louis Bouchard

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Louis Bouchard
Tr6 traod bouchard closeup.png
Died In 2003
Prague, Czech Republic
Nationality French
Occupation Parisian gang boss, owner of Le Serpent Rouge

Louis Bouchard is a character in The Angel of Darkness.

He is the czar of the Parisian Underworld and owner of Le Serpent Rouge, a nightclub in a seedy back street quarter of Paris. He has a reputation for ruthless and opportunistic violence on a large scale. Bouchard runs illicit operations throughout the capital.

In Paris

Lara sets out to find Bouchard, the last known contact of Werner von Croy before his death. She finds him in the Parisian Ghetto, in his Hideout. He helps her to get some equipment with which Lara sets off towars the Louvre, as Lara deliveres some fake passports to Daniel Rennes in exchange.

When Lara comes out of the Louvre Bouchard's people capture Lara to get the First Obscura Painting she has collected in the Hall of Seasons. Lara finds out that Bouchard was behind it later in Prague. Before she goes there, she visits Von Croy's Apartment where Bouchard sends a killer referred to as The Cleaner after her.

In Prague

Lara follows Bouchard to Prague where the major players of the Cabal have a meeting in the Strahov. Lara finds him in Vasiley's apartment and interrogates him on why he wanted her dead in Paris.

Bouchard answers that Lara was regarded as "a side issue. A loose end that needed tidying up." [1] He also tells that a madman called Eckhardt ordered it and forced Bouchard to do so by putting pressure on all his operations, threatenening his family and killing his men.

Bouchard says that his involvement with Eckhardt was only to deliver the First Obscura Painting Lara had found in the Hall of Seasons to the Strahov. He also reveals that Eckhardt is actually the Monstrum.


When Lara returns from searching the Last Obscura Engraving, she finds the dead body of Bouchard in a closet. She takes the Cellar Key and exits the Vasiley's apartment. Bouchard was apparently murdered by Eckhardt.



  1. In-game dialogue between Lara and Louis Bouchard during the level The Monstrum Crimescene