Lords of Xibalba

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Lords of Xibalba

The Lords of Xibalba, also nicknamed Lords of Death, were once the rulers of the civilization living in the Southern Mexico region Lara visits in Tomb Raider Underworld.

They held their court beneath the Maya Ball Court, at the gate to Xibalba.

When Lara manages to get past the portal of the ball court, she will discover the statues of the Lords of Xibalba and has to overcome their trials to continue into the underworld.

The Lords of Xibalba reportedly enjoyed using manikins to humiliate visitors before sending them into deadly trap rooms. These themed tests supposedly were to test the worth of the visitor, but were really intended to kill them outright as entertainment.
Lara's Journal Entries, Tomb Raider Underworld

Statues of the Lords of Xibalba

The statues of the Lords serve as part of the puzzle in the level The Midgard Serpent. Lara's first task upon arrival is to place two of the staffs into their owner's hands. (The second Lord from the left and the second Lord from the right, as seen from the entrance.) Once this is accomplished, they will be lowered into the ground, a large stone tablet in the middle of the chamber will the raised and the four Lords who sit at the end of the lines from the stone table will turn them into horizontal position.

Lara will then be able to turn them 180 degrees counter-clockwise. By turning one of the Lords, one of the four doors behind them will open. These lead into four trap houses; the Rattling House, the Razor House, the Flame House and the Jaguar House. Each of these houses contains a key (Rattling House Key, Razor House Key, Flame House Key and Jaguar House Key), in form of a stone tablet which can be inserted into one of the slots in the large stone table in the middle of the court.

By inserting the keys the corresponding Lord will be freed from its lock. They can now be pushed into the middle, towards the large stone circle.

Once they are all pushed to the middle only one task remains to open the portal. The two Pressure Plates have to be activated at the same time. Lara can achieve this by parking her bike on one and standing on the other.