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Lava in Tomb Raider Anniversary

Lava is molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption. When first expelled from a volcanic vent, it is a liquid at temperatures from 700-1,200 °C. Throughout the games it often serves as a trap.


Tomb Raider

Lava appears in the first Tomb Raider game during Atlantis, either as a pool or oozing from the walls.

Unfinished Business

In the levels Atlantean Stronghold and The Hive there are pools and pits of lava

Tomb Raider II

In Tomb Raider II Lara will encounter lava in the Floating Islands and Temple of Xian levels.

Tomb Raider III

The level Lost City of Tinnos has pools of lava as traps, and lava appears also in Meteorite Cavern.

Lost Artifact

There is lava in Shakespeare Cliff level.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Lava appears in The Colosseum and Labyrinth.

The Angel of Darkness

There are lava pools in Sanctuary of the Flame and The Lost Domain

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Lava returns in Anniversary in the form of pools, puddles and waterfalls.

Miscellaneous facts

  • Pompeii and Herculaneum, Italy were destroyed by a form of lava known as "tephra" in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD[1].
  • Lara is unlikely to be able to use stepping stones through a lava field (as in Tomb Raider) without bursting into flames[2]
  • In Anniversary, Natla survives a fall into molten lava. On June 12, 1985, geologist George Ulrich had just taken a temperature reading of fresh lava, 2,079 degrees. Suddenly a lava crust broke, and Ulrich stepped into the lava over his boots but was protected by NOMEX burn-resistant clothing. Another geologist pulled him out in about five seconds. Ulrich was flown to Straub Clinic & Hospital on Oahu for treatment of first-, second- and third-degree burns. He recovered fully.[3]