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Larson (TR5)

Larson Conway is a character from Tomb Raider I and Chronicles. The name Larson, coupled with the character's blond hair, suggests Scandinavian heritage, although Larson himself speaks with a Texan accent. He is portrayed as being something of a halfwit, which Pierre attributes to the fact that Larson was "kicked in the head by a horse" at some point in his life.

He got his surname for Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Like Pierre DuPont, Larson appears to be killed off in both games he appears in. This lack of continuity on the part of both characters has led to disputes in the Tomb Raider community over which game comes first in the Tomb Raider time line.

And Larson will make a third to Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Tomb Raider

In Tomb Raider, Larson is one of Jacqueline Natla's henchmen. After the initial meeting with Lara in Calcutta at the start of the game, Larson appears in Tomb Of Qualopec, both as an in-game enemy, and in the post-level cut scene. After a brief exchange between the two (concerning the Scion and the whereabouts of Pierre DuPont), Larson is knocked out by Lara when he makes a grab for his gun.

Sanctuary of the Scion sees the third and final appearance of Larson. Guarding the second part of the Scion, players are expected to shoot him dead (although can leave him alive if they wish, as is the case with most enemies in Tomb Raider).

In Tomb Raider, Larson wears a red shirt, blue jeans and brown boots. He also wears a unbuttoned brown vest in the first FMV. His weapon is a handgun with a lasersight attached.

Larson was the first character ever to speak in a Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Larson will return in the Tomb Raider I-remake Tomb Raider Anniversary. First pictures of him could be seen in the UK official PlayStation 2 magazine, where he is wearing a dark-blue shirt instead of his red one.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

In Tomb Raider Chronicles, Larson appears in the first two levels of Rome, the first story of the game. Larson is working with Pierre DuPont to gain possession of an artefact that Lara is also in pursuit of.

Larson appears in the pre-story FMV, and also four cutscenes; two in Streets of Rome and two in Trajan's Markets. As well as this, Larson is included as an in-game enemy several times. Although Lara has quite a few shots at killing him, Larson is finally (and debatably) finished off after being tossed about by a dragon gargoyle.

Larson appears in the same outfit as he wore in the first Tomb Raider, including the vest. His weapon is a Revolver. Both Larson and Pierre are portrayed as a lot more comical in their second Tomb Raider appearance.