Lara Croft (Reboot)

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Lara Croft
Nationality British
Occupation Adventurer
Height 5ft 6[1] / 1.68 m
Game(s) Tomb Raider (2013)
Voice Camilla Luddington

Lara Croft is a British adventurer.


As Tomb Raider (2013) is supposed to be a reboot, all of the previous history established in the Tomb Raider Classic and the Next Generation games has been erased. Consequently not much is known of her past up until now.

At the age of 21 she just finished her collage education. She signs on for an expedition to Asia, to search for the Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan. A violent storm shipwrecks her on an remote island in the Dragon Triangle.

Family Background

It is unknown what kind of family background the new Lara Croft has. At one point during the Crossrads Trailer Roth says: "You can do it Lara, after all you're a Croft", implying some kind of family background involving adventure, survival skills, and maybe even archaeological interest.

Friends and Enemies

We know nothing of any kind of friends outside the group of explorers who travelled with her on the Endurance.

Of those of the Endurance's crew it seems that Captain Conrad Roth is a kind of father figure, a man to whom Lara tuns when everything goes wrong. The first thing she tries to do after finding the radio is to contact Roth.

She calls Sam a friend several times during the demos and their conversation - overheard by Matthias - implies some mutual history when she tries to asks her "like that night in Brighton, Sam, remember?".




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