Lara Croft, Millionaire

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Lara Croft, Millionaire
CCG 194 LaraCroftMillionaire.jpg
Card Information
Card Set






Card Statistics
Card Type

Character Upgrade

Think Stat


Upgrade Power


Lara Croft, Millionaire is a rare card from the Premier set of the Collectible Card Game.

Card Effect

Play if you have at least 3 saved items. Your starting Raider must be Lara Croft.
Think ability +1. If you use and discard a saved item, make a Search test with that item's difficulty. If you succeed, you keep the item, but it is no longer saved.

Flavor Text

Oh yeah! New and improved!
I know, I know, it's tough to improve on the original, but check this out...

Premier Set
<<< Lara Croft, Victor Lara Croft, Millionaire Lara Croft, Archaeologist >>>