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*'' [[Helheim]] - fan speculation''
* [[Helheim]]
* Oil Refinery
* Oil Refinery

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Spoiler Warning: This article reveals important elements of a work yet unpublished.
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Lara's Shadow
Release Date March 10, 2009
Platforms Xbox 360
Levels N/A
Secrets * Treasures: N/A
  • Relics: N/A
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Rating T for Teen

Lara's Shadow is an exclusive chapter of Tomb Raider Underworld for Xbox 360.

Lara's Shadow allows us to control Lara's deadly facsimile, the Doppelganger in a mission to put an end to the Croft lineage once and for all.

It's speculated that half of the game involves you in the Doppelganger's own storyline until the events of Underworld, where you play from her point of view. Then the rest of the game involves the continuation from the events of Beneath the Ashes, where you go after Jacqueline Natla under Lara's orders. It's also speculated that one of the levels starts as the Doppelganger emerges from the pool of Eitr in Helheim, thus showing her having not died (as we've obviously seen in Beneath the Ashes). Thralls of all kinds lurk about and controlling the Doppelganger and her new Shadow Powers, you must destroy them and find your way out. The only mission we know of at the moment; not much has been revealed about it yet. As of now, Helheim is not a confirmed location.


  • Brand new mission and level introducing a hot and furious killing machine as a new playable character.
  • Be the Doppelganger – Lara’s deadly double and play with her unique ‘Shadow Powers’.
  • Use Shadow Power to slow time and massively increase the speed and force of her devastating melee attacks.
  • Utilize Shadow Power to grab and move along surfaces that would be too dangerous and tough for Lara to ever climb.
  • Gunplay gets serious with Shadow Fire; the weapon’s speed, accuracy and impact shatters impossibly dangerous enemies into pieces.
  • 125 Achievement points.




The outfits for the doppelganger have not yet been revealed except for her default outfit seen in Tomb Raider Underworld and the screenshots of Lara's Shadow. It has been confirmed that in addition to that one, she'll get another three. It is unknown if Lara will be able to use them during the levels of Underworld.

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