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[[Image:Homeoutfittr.jpg|thumb|113px|left|TR Home Outfit]]
[[Image:Homeoutfittr.jpg|thumb|113px|left|TR Home Outfit]]
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Laras Outfits

Lara's Outfits are numerous throughout the different games and other instalments.

In the original Tomb Raider Lara started off wearing her green top trademark outfit during the adventure and a Home Outfit in the Lara's Home level. The trademark outfit made its return in Tomb Raider II. In addition to it Lara had a new Home Outfit, a Sola Diving Suit, the Tibet Outfit - basically her standard outfit with a jacket and a Nightgown. Tomb Raider III again brought us a couple of new outfits for Lara. In The Last Revelation, the fourth instalment of the series Lara wore her basic outfit only, with the exception of a flashback where she wore another outfit as 16-year-old. Tomb Raider Chronicles brought us a few new outfits again, still including her basic outfit.

The Angel of Darkness was the first game not to include Lara's green-top outfit. Here she got a brand new adventure outfit (in long and short version) and was also seen in a Jeans and new diving suit outfit.

Tomb Raider Legend presented yet another outfit for Lara, the green top being shown in flashbacks however. In Tokyo Lara switched her regular outfit for an evening dress and in Kasachstan, as well as Nepal, Lara opted for a cold weather outfit. For the first time a number of additional outfits could be unlocked and worn in-game.

Tomb Raider Anniversary saw the return of Lara's green top. Again the game also offered a variety of alternative outfits.

In the movies Lara's outfits were also very different from the games.

Tomb Raider

TR Home Outfit

Tomb Raider II

TR2 Home Outfit
Standard (TR2)
Diving Suit
Tibet Outfit

Tomb Raider III

TR3 Home Outfit
Nevada Outfit
London Outfit
South Pacific Outfit
Antarctica Outfit

Tomb Raider IV - The Last Revelation

Tomb Raider Chronicles

The Angel of Darkness

Tomb Raider Legend


Standard (Legend)
Evening Dress

Full List

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Tomb Raider Underworld