Lara's Home (TR3)

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Lara's Home

Lara's Home is the training level in Tomb Raider III.

The mansion still keeps the same basic shape that we can see in the previous games, but adds new elements such as the racetrack with the Quad Bike and the new Gym and outside Assault Course.

The Mansion

Lara says her well known phrase "Welcome back to my humble abode" each time we visit her home.

Lara's Home now has a different outside wall color - from the warm orange in Tomb Raider II to a bold red. The fish statue found in the previous game is now changed to a horse, and the hedge maze has made room for the Quad Bike racetrack.

The inside layout of the mansion is about the same as previously. Near the right staircase there is a hidden room, the treasure room. It can be accessed by pulling the lever hidden behind the bookcase just across the hall. Inside, Lara keeps the Iris, the Dagger of Xian, a golden idol (a reference to Indiana Jones[1]) and the last surviving pieces of the shattered Scion. A T-Rex head sits above a fireplace.

The treasure room located in Tomb Raider II has been changed to an underwater place for some of Lara's fish. This is where the Racetrack Key is found.

Next to her bedside, Lara now has a closet and some flares inside.

Lara's living or Musicroom (TR3) consists of a piano, a stereo, a sofa and many bookcases. Adjacent to this room there is a study: only a few chairs, a fireplace and bookcases. The fireplace can be extinguished by turning a book placed partially outside a bookcase that acts like a lever. Lara can climb inside the fireplace and head into a room with a few boxes, flares and a lever. When pulled, the door to the area with the fish tank will open.


The Assault Course

The outside assault course has all the elements of the previous games plus the monkey bars and a shooting range. After the zipline element, Lara must crawl and grab her pistols. Once picked up, Winston will appear from behind the shooting range, prepared with his tea tray as a shield, and attempt to deviate Lara from her path and aim.

Once the course is finished, Lara will sprint to the finish and go between the British flags so that the black fence near the mansion door will open.

Quad Bike Racetrack

Once you have found the key that opens the racetrack, Lara will be able to drive her Quad Bike. As the assault course, the racetrack times your performance.

There is an alternate route to get to the racetrack without the key: simply perform the Cornerbug and jump of the manor's roof onto the hedge surrounding the racetrack. Lara will take a lot of damage, so make sure you aim for the highest part of the hedge.

Rumors and bugs

The Cornerbug still applies here, Lara can now get easier to the Racetrack this way, without the Racetrack Key. Also, the roof of the mansion has a small portion that isn't textured as the rest.

Once a rumor is now a fact - the Quad Bike can be taken outside the racetrack, but only the PlayStation players have succeeded so far. The reason is because on the PS version you can make the Quad Bike run much faster than in the PC version.



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