Laid to Rest

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Laid to Rest is a Challenge in Tomb Raider (2013). To fulfil this side quest, Lara has to burn and pull down 5 Effigies in the Shantytown location.

Each destroyed effigy earns Lara +10 XP, the last one that completes the set earns her +150 XP.

List of Effigies

  • Near the Helicopter Hill base camp, get down and look up to the helicopter. You should see it on the wall.
  • Up on the large tower in the first part of Shantytown. On the highest walkway go to the north-east side (the one facing towards the helicopter). Turn towards the tower and look up to spot the effigy.
  • Near the entrance to the Well of Tears secret tomb. If you stand in front of the entrance climb over to the roof left of it to spot the effigy on the tomb's side wall. (53N 712583 UTM 3416068)
  • Near the Windmill base camp up on the southern wall
  • Underneath the tower where you finally catch up with Grim for good. Before you head over there look below the lower walkway on the right.