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Level No 9
Secrets 3
Length N/A
Location Ireland
Template:Levelline|Level Chronology
Gallows Tree Labyrinth Old Mill
Template:Levelline|detailed Walkthrough

Labyrinth is a level in Chronicles. This is where Lara finds the Bestiary, the book that contains demon names. The level takes place after meeting up with Father Patrick. Lara is advised to head in the chapel. But once inside, she finds it hard to stay put when she sees a frightening figure in dark robes.

This level is tricky as Lara will encounter several obstacles: skeletons that attack with a sword but cannot be seen, a puzzle that consists of pulling several levers and moving around a labyrinth and a maze with a monster that chases Lara.

After the labyrinth part, a moving light will guide Lara further.


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