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Remark: This article describes the character Kurtis Trent in the comic adaptation of The Angel of Darkness. For information about the character in the game, see Kurtis Trent.

Kurtis Trent
Comic(s) The Angel of Darkness

In Issue 33 of the Tomb Raider Comics, Lara travels to Paris. There she meets a guy called Kurtis Trent.

The story of the The Angel of Darkness Comics is similar to the story in the game.

Kurtis' Story

"My father, like his father before him, was an adapt in the order of Lux Veritatis - an ancient mystical brotherhood, devoted to defending the world from the practitioners of dark magic and the black arts.

When I was just a boy, my father trained me as an initate in the order. It was his dream that I would one day join him, fighting evil at his side.

But as I grew older, I had dreams of my own. Selfish dreams. And frightening dreams.

As melodramatic as it sounds, I joined the foreign legion. I trained far off lands, met exotic people, and killed them.

But no matter how far my travels took me, it never seemed far enough. I could never shake the feeling that I was being stalked. Stalked by a demon in the night.

The demon haunted my dreams. It seemed to be slumbering in the godforsaken earth beneath me.

I later came to believe that the demon in my dreams was Eckhardt, Pieter Van Eckhardt. The Black Alchemist.

For 500 years, Eckhardt was imprisoned in a containment pit in the bowles of the earth, placed there by the Lux Veritatis. Sentenced to an eternity of living darkness for his unspeakable deeds.

But Eckhardt escaped. And he began hunting down and murdering the descendants of those who had imprisoned him.

The last to be killed was my father. When I learned of his murder, I returned home...

And found he had left me an inheritance. The Chirugai - the ancient, sacred weapon of the Lux Veritatis. And the Periapt Shards, which are powerful talismans. Though their use remains a mystery to me."