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Died 2015
Occupation Trinity Commander
Game(s) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Konstantin is one of the main characters in Rise of the Tomb Raider. He is Ana's brother and the main antagonist in the game.


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When Konstantin was young, his sister deliberately used to wound his hands in order to simulate stigmata. These wounds never really healed, giving him a messianic sense of purpose, that he was destined for greater things. He grew up to be a strict and merciless adult and rose quickly through the Trinity ranks.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Lara encounters Konstantin several times, first when she is looking for the Prophet's tomb in Syria. He and his minions find her hiding in the sarcophagus. She is forced to destroy the tomb and kill some of the mercenaries in order to escape.

Later on she is almost discovered by his underlings - who are hunting for Sophia and two other Remnant - when she is stranded in the Siberian Wilderness.

He does not forgive failure lightly as we witness when he punished one of his underlings by blinding him and leaving him to die. Other mercenaries with him at the time are too afraid of Konstantin to help the victim.

When Lara enters the Gulag she is discovered, imprisoned together with her stepmother Ana, and questioned about the Divine Source, the Remnant, and her father's research. She soon gets suspicious and Ana reveals herself to be an Trinity operative and Konstantin's sister. Konstantin seems to have a very close relationship with her. Both are happy that they are reunited after such a long time.

Later we witness him in a cut scene where he is praying in a chapel, searching for answers. His stigmata start to bleed again and he takes it as a sign to kill everyone in his way in order to achieve his goal - "Blood it is!".

When Jonah is captured and used as a trap to lure Lara to him, Konstantin personally questions and tortures him, mostly for fun as Jonah does not know a lot neither about the Source nor about the Remnant. When Lara arrives, as Konstantin knew she would, he simply tries to kill him. Jonah is only saved by Jacob's extraordinary powers.

Shortly before the end of the game Lara has to fight Konstantin in the Lost City, who uses one of his military helicopters to get rid of her. He survives the helicopter's crash and is able to take Lara's weapons when he unexpectedly attacks her from behind. He tries to make a cruel game out of killing her, but smart and resourceful Lara is able to salvage some tins lying around to build bombs. In the end she is victorious and leaves Konstantin dying in the burning building, refusing to kill him - "You are not worth it!" - even when he taunts her with insinuating that her father's death was not a suicide and that Trinity had a hand in it. He dies when the building collapses on top of him.