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Katie Fleming is a popular and well-known Canadian Tomb Raider fanfiction writer, with a professionally designed website [1] devoted to her fan fiction, various competitions and her library of in-game screenshots.


  • The Evil House [2]
  • Revenge of the Aztec Gods [3]
  • Lara's Mansion - Death Trap? [4]
  • Search for Delphi [5]
  • Sweat, Strength, and Determination [6]
  • A New World, a New Life [7]
  • Run - and Don't Stop [8]
  • The Lost City of Tsumeb [9]
  • The Strenuous Escapade [10]
  • Premonitions [11]
  • Perilous Paradise [12]
  • A Room in Waiting [13]


There was some surprise at the inclusion of Katie as the sole representative for fan fiction in the "Ten Years of Tomb Raider: A GameTap Retrospective" DVD. This sparked a debate across the fanfiction community, sections of which felt that this Eidos-approved documentary had ignored the contributions of the other award-winning authors active in the fandom (something that was largely out of Katie's control). The heavy-handed attempt by various semi-official TR fan sites to prevent fans questioning the choice of Katie as the representative of TR fan fiction blew up into controversy [14], [15],[16].

At the time of writing (Sept 2008) the controversy has largely died away and the TR fandom takes a kindly view of Katie's good fortune. To give Katie the last word, on the GameTap DVD she said: "I started writing stories for me, but if other people enjoy them, well that just makes it a whole lot better."

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