K2 Impactor

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K2 Impactor

The K2 Impactor is a weapon in The Angel of Darkness.

It's found in a locked vault at the back room of the Rennes' Pawnshop. The K2 Impactor is a kind of a taser, great for non-lethal self-defense. Used by the Louvre guards to discourage intruders, it sends 50,000 volts into a target within 21 feet, shocking him or her into unconsciousness.

Fires 50,000-volt twin electric probes. Effective at ranges up to 21 feet. Short range.
In-game information[1]


  • Rate of Fire: Single shot.
  • Efficiency: Short range. (up to 21 feet)
  • Ammo Type: K2 Impactor Battery. Rapid 3-charge power packs.
  • Attachments: Optional laser sight.


The Ammunition for the K2 Impactor is called K2 Impactor Battery.



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