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The Journal as it's shown in the PDA

The Journal in Tomb Raider Underworld provides additional information on the game location's history, ancient mythology and characters and challenges that Lara faces on her adventure.[1]

Journal Entries

Med Sea Expedition

My father died in a tragic accident while searching for Avalon, the mythical resting place of King Arthur. I never shared his belief that it had played any role in my mother's disappearance, but recent events make me suspect otherwise. Professor Eddington knew the coordinates Father intended to investigate next, but did not know how he had determined them or if he had confirmed the existence of a ruin in that location. That's up to me.


Niflheim - World of Mist. One of the nine worlds of Norse mythology, linked by Yggdrasil, the World Tree. While it seems clear that Niflheim is an underworld metaphor, original sources are contradictory as to whether it is distinct to Helheim, where those who did not die gloriously in battle go after death.


Kraken are monstrously large creatures in mythology. Thought to be based on sightings of giant quid, not to be confused with the sea serpents in Nordic tradition, though both were blamed for the disappearance of ships of all sizes. This beast clearly is a recent addition to this ruin and subsequently grew too large to leave again.


Thor is the god of thunder in Norse mythology and is most known for his mighty weapon, Mjolnir, variously described as a battle axe, a mace, or a war hammer, though most commonly as the latter. Among other powers, it could supposedly channel lightning against Thor's foes. Just as the legend of Excalibur was a myth built up around an ancient artifact of great power, the myth of Thor's hammer might be a distorted description of a real ancient weapon.

Thor's Gauntlets

To be continued...


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