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The Journal in Tomb Raider Anniversary can be found as pickup item in Croft Manor, where it is in a wall compartment which is opened by two Small Wall Switches.

"Lara can provide clues about how to progress from her current situation. Using the Journal will let you hear what Lara is thinking and can provide assistance in tricky areas." [1]

Lara's Thoughts

The journal collects Lara's thoughts.

Croft Manor

  • Medusa was a frightful creature in Greek mythology.

Peru, Mountain Caves

  • It's probably wise to look around. (At the beginning of the level.)
  • There must be a way to open the door. (By the looked mountain-cave gate.)
  • There are symbols above the door. (By the Guide.)
  • Something about this place doesn't feel right. (Inside the mountain caves.)
  • There appears to be a pattern to the darts. (After activating the Dart Shooters.)
  • I should probably push on. (After the dart shooters.)
  • These caves warrant careful exploration. (In the cave where the first bats appear.)
  • The structures are carved directly from the surrounding rock. (Behind the first door operated by a Wall Lever.)
  • The broken bridge looks climbable. (After falling down from the broken Suspension Bridge in the Wolf Bridge Room.)
  • There's a path ahead. (By the bear.)
  • This place is structurally unsound. (In the caved in part of the caverns.)
  • There must be a way to open this door. (By the Vilcabamba entrance.)
  • There door is connected to a large mechanism. (Immediately after pulling down one counter-weight.)
  • The door locks move back into place rather slowly. (A few moments after pulling down one counter-weight.)
  • There are signs that the people here were quite advanced. (By the open exit.)


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