Japan - Meeting with Takamoto

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Japan - Meeting with Takamoto
Tomb Raider Legend
Level No 3
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 25 minutes
  • Time Trial: 12 minutes 15
  • First Time: 75 minutes
Secrets 11
Location Asia, Japan, Tokyo
Level Chronology:
Peru - Return to Paraí­so Japan - Meeting with Takamoto Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland

Japan - Meeting with Takamoto is the third level in Tomb Raider Legend.

The level consists of many parts with Lara making her way from one building to another, via the roof.



"I haven't seen Takamoto in a long time. I doubt he misses me after our last meeting. If he still has the artifact, however, he'll lose more than face Sunday night."

Lara comes to Japan at a party given by Takamoto, an old "acquaintance". At first, everything looks calm. She hopes Takamoto has an artefact that may prove to be a part of Excalibur. Lara's friend, Nishimura is also there. Takamoto insists that he doesn't have the artefact Lara is looking for, but when he understands that Lara is on to something, he flees, leaving his men to deal with her. The ever-prepared Lara takes care of the goons and rushes after Takamoto.


"Takamoto's artifact proves there is more than one sword of this kind, as with the stone dais. Now I need the piece Rutland showed me, to see whether they are fragments of the same relic."


  • Talk to Nishimura and get the pass to the roof
  • Make your way across the Japan skyscrapers using the motorcycle
  • Reach the building where Takamoto's goons are
  • Kill Takamoto and take his piece of the Excalibur



  • 6 bronze reward
  • 4 silver reward
  • 1 gold reward