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Born unknown, before 970 A.D.[1]
Byzantine Empire
Died 2015
Occupation Prophet, Leader of the Remnant
Children Sofia
Game(s) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Jacob, the Prophet of the Remnant, is one of the main characters in Rise of the Tomb Raider.


Before Rise of the Tomb Raider

Only rumours exist about Jacob's life before the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider. When he still was a citizen of the Empire he was seen as some kind of religious icon, hence his appellation as the Prophet. His teachings of immortality attracted a lot of followers, which finally lead to his expulsion from the Empire and his and his followers prosecution as heretics. They first fled to Syria and build a city there, but Trinity, a secret order of knights followed suit and supposedly killed the Prophet and subdued his people. But since Jacob could not die he survived this attack and his tomb in Syria remains empty.

Jacob and the Remnant of his people set out to find a new home and after a long migration full of hardship they reached Siberia and settled in an inaccessible part of the mountains where they build the famous city of Kitezh. The city flourished for a time but finally the Mongols invaded, aided by Trinity agents. To defend the city, Jacob used the Source on the city's watch to create the Deathless, immortal soldiers, that protect the Divine Source at any cost. But in the end they let the city sink beneath the glaciers of the mountains, killing not only the invaders but a lot of the inhabitants, too.

Instead of fleeing again, Jacob and the Remnant - the Divine Source lost to them in under the glacier - stayed in the vicinity and build a new and simpler life. Jacob at first lived incognito as one of his people. He tried to stay away from human contact but as recently as some decades ago fell in love with a woman. Torn between his duty to his people and his love he tried to stay away from her, but failed and fathered a child, his daughter Sofia.

Little is known about how Jacob came by the Divine Source, the artefact that granted him immortality. It is insinuated that it might be of extra-terrestrial origins.

It seems that he had a wife or a lover back in the Empire, also called Sofia. His daughter is possible named after her[2].

After Meeting Lara Croft

Lara meets Jacob for the first time when she is captured by Trinity and thrown into jail. Jacob is the inmate next door. She already heard rumours of the Remnant leader being imprisoned in the old Gulag, so she tried to seek him out and help him in order to gain the trust of the Remnant as well as finding out more about the Divine Source.

After escaping, Jacob leads her out of the prison and finally saves her life after she falls into the icy water of a river as she tries to escape a Trinity Helicopter.

Later he leads her through the old Soviet mines, but they get separated. After reuniting in the Geothermal Valley he convinces Sofia and the other Remnant to accept Lara as an ally. When the valley gets attacked by Trinity soldiers, she rushes to help Jacob and his people.

After procuring the Atlas, a map that shows the location of the Divine Source inside Kitezh, Lara sets off to rescue Jonah from Trinity, which stole the Atlas and took him as prisoner. She leaves Jacob and Sofia behind, who are organize an attack on Trinity, who themselves try to get into Kitezh. When Jonah gets mortally wounded, Jacob uses his healing powers to save him, revealing himself as the Prophet to Lara.

The last time Lara meets Jacob is shortly before his death. Ana has taken the Source and looked into it in order to heal her illness, dropping it as she gets blinded by the light inside. Surrounded by the Deathless that followed Jacob Lara picks it up. Unwilling to hand it over or destroy it at first, knowing that it will mean the end of the heavily wounded Jacob as well as the end of her dream of finding proof of the supernatural and presenting it to the world, she shares a brief look with Jacob who encourages her to destroy it. She does so by throwing it hard at the ground. The Source shatters and releases the energy within; the Deathless and Jacob crumble to dust, leaving Lara and Ana behind.

Family and Friends

His daughter and leader of the Remnant after his death
His beloved and mother of Sofia

Further Information

  • Real Name: Jacob
  • Age: Several hundred years; the exodus from the Byzantine Empire supposedly happened over a thousand years ago (around 970 A.D., but no exact date is given).
  • Nationality: unknown
  • Occupation: Prophet, religious leader, leader of the Remnant

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