Jackal Walking Stick

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Jackal Walking Stick

Walking Stick

Found 2003
Paris, France
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness
Level Found Von Croy's Apartment

Jackal Walking Stick is a minor artefact found in the level Von Croy's Apartment in The Angel of Darkness.

Lara will find it on the floor of Werner's Apartment in Paris, France.

Von Croy's Walking Stick
In-game information[1]


Wooden walking stick with a jackal's head on the top.


The walking stick is not known to have any powers. Just like Werner's Broken Glasses, which are found in The Last Revelation, the Jackal Walking Stick serves as a trigger to continue the game and does not have any speacial purpose of usage. Picking up the Jackal Walking Stick causes The Cleaner to appear.


  • The walking stick appears to have the head of the god Seth on it for the handle. Seth was linked with jackals which was mentioned in The Last Revelation. Also in the same game Von Croy was once possessed by Seth.

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