HMS Beagle

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HMS Beagle as seen in an FMV in Tomb Raider III

The HMS Beagle was the ship that Charles Darwin voyaged on. His writings which were written on board developed into the Theory of Evolution. This theory became famous worldwide. Tomb Raider III, tells a story about the Beagle landing in Antarctica in 1834.

Five sailors (Stephen Barr, Paul Caulfield, Jonson, Smythe, and Henderson) went ashore (somewhere near Valparaiso and the Falkland Islands, and not in Polynesia) to find meat since they were fed up with the usual broth on board. They followed animal tracks into a cave which eventually led them to the Meteorite Cavern. There they found the four Meteorite Artefacts (the Infada Stone, Element 115, the Ora Dagger and the Eye of Isis), however a wolf (who left the animal tracks earlier) entered the cave and began to chase the sailors deeper through the cavern. One of the sailors was attacked and killed by the wolf. Ice started to collapse and all the sailors were flushed out the cavern via an avalanche. The wolf became impaled on an icicle. The four surviving sailors took their artefacts and went back to the Beagle after burying their dead companion.

Each sailor went their seperate ways once they got back to London. One went to North America, one went to India and one went to explore the remote islands of the South Pacific. They all took their artefacts with them. The last stayed in London. When they all died, their artefacts changed hands.