Giant Mutated Fish

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Giant Mutated Fish
Tr6 traod mutant fish.PNG

The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Mutant
Distinctiveness Doesn't have to be killed, takes a lot of ammunition
Weapons Teeth

Giant Mutated Fish is an enemy in The Angel of Darkness. It's located in the Strahov.

In result of a bug the Giant Mutated Fish can appear out of the water in the Aquatic Research Area: if Lara jumps to the water and climbs a ladder near the entrance of the room where the Giant Mutated Fish is located, the enemy might soon after exit the water.


Big, yellow-toned fish-like creature with big teeth and jaws.



The first time the Giant Mutated Fish is encountered in The Bio-Research Facility, it can be ignored and avoided completely since it's located in a pool of water and enetering it isn't mandatory.

The second time the Giant Mutated Fish is encountered is in the level Aquatic Research Area, and to proceed in the level without disturbance it's recommended to fill the Fish Food Container with meat and push it to the water. By doing this Lara also gets a strenght Power Up. The Giant Mutated Fish an also be shot, but it takes a lot of ammunition.


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