Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland

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Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland
Tomb Raider Legend
Level No 4
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 30 minutes
  • Time Trial: 20 minutes
  • First Time: 100 minutes
Secrets 10
Location Africa, Ghana
Level Chronology:
Japan - Meeting with Takamoto Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek

Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland is the fourth level in Tomb Raider Legend.

Lara has managed to acquire one of the sword pieces in Tokyo and has now followed Rutland's trail to Amahlin, Ghana. She knows that her parents have been here and finds a pendant that belonged to her mother.



"The coordinates Zip provided are deep in the Ghana rainforest. I don't know what Rutland is after, but I'm sure he keeps that artifact close to him. I'll have to convince him to part with it."


In this Level, Lara discovers an ancient temple deep in the West African forest and catches up with James Rutland before eventually defeating him and obtaining his piece of the sword.

Typical Scenery of the Level