Furnace of the Gods

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Furnace of the Gods
The Golden Mask
Level No 3
Secrets 3
Location Alaska, Melnikov Island
Level Chronology:
Fool's Gold Furnace of the Gods Kingdom

Furnace of the Gods is a level in The Golden Mask.


Lara finds herself sliding down a slope and falls into a dark passageway. After dodging several traps she finds the Mask of Tornarsuk guarded by some Inuit Warriors.

Later in the level, Lara discovers an entire river of molten gold, several icy caverns, and a well-preserved ancient Inuit settlement.

Towards the end of the level, Lara climbs a large temple-like structure and enters a sacrificial cage.


  • Find and climb the tall ancient building in the golden lake.
  • Climb down into the pit and find the exit.




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