Fool's Gold

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Fool's Gold
The Golden Mask
Section Melnikov Island
Level No 2
Secrets 3
Location Alaska, Melnikov Island
Level Chronology:
The Cold War Fool's Gold Furnace of the Gods

Fool's Gold is the second level of The Golden Mask. Unlike the previous level, this one has more dark places and tougher enemies that carry shotguns and flamethrowers.

Story and Features

Still on the search for the artefact, Lara digs deeper into the base.

Decorated with numerous portraits of Joseph Stalin, the base has numerous twisting dark corridors and several outdoor areas. Different types of mercenaries are encountered, including some armed with clubs or flamethrowers.

Towards the end of the level, a dig site is revealed, which leads further into an ancient cavern.



Fool's Gold is a nickname for the mineral pyrite, which might at first glance be mistaken for gold.