Flotsam Puzzle

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Flotsam Puzzle

The Flotsam Puzzle is a puzzle in the Scavenger's Den in Tomb Raider (2013) which Lara has to tackle in the level Force of Will.


The objective is to set the flotsam on fire, use the contraptions to transport it past the water curtain and send it to the Explosive Barrels and Naval Mines to cause the barrier to collapse.



Step past the water barrier and light the Torch at the brazier on the wall. Move to the yellow metal cage tethered together with another platform and held down by Flammable Cloth in two places and set both on fire to release the contraption. The platform at the other end of the rope will drop into the water. Flotsam will collect on this platform. Use the torch to light up the flotsam. Run half way up the walkway and from the red board jump towards the yellow metal cage. Lara will grab hold of it and her weight will pull it down, pulling up the platform at the other end now loaded with burning flotsam. The flotsam will drop in the red metal cage at the end of the walkway. Leave the yellow cage and run up the walkway to the red cage. (If you have not set the flotsam on fire, you get another chance to do so now.) Push against it and the burning flotsam is sent down the chute, past the water curtain and right into the Explosive Barrels and Naval Mines. A nice explosion ensues and destroys the Barrier.

Lara gains 250 XP by solving this puzzle.