First Winter

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A Scroll of the Set The Day After

First Winter is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the The Day After set and deals with the Remnant's survival after the Mongol invasion and the fall of the city of Kitezh. They believed the Prophet to be dead and almost did not survive the first winter, but after nearly a decade they adapted to the harsh conditions and finally the Prophet came back to them.

The survivors of the Mongol siege struggled to survive without the infrastructure of their city.

It is our first winter since the Mongol invasion. No more that one in three of us will survive. We once had marble palaces, heated by geothermal vents. We had the wealth and luxury of an empire. Today, we struggle to find enough hides to keep our children warm, to gather enough roots and berries to feed ourselves.

If we are to survive another winter, we will have to adapt. If we do not, then we will feed the soil, and the animals will take back the valley. It is up to us, now. Only us.