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Fathom #12
Issue No. 12
Story Title Vana's Revenge
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Release Date July 2000
Writer Michael Turner, Bill O'Neil
Pencil Michael Turner
Ink Jonathan Sibal
Colors Peter Steigerwald
Letters Igor Bacic

Fathom 12 is the first part of the three-part Fathom/Tomb Raider/Witchblade Crossover.

Official Description

Part one of three as Aspen takes on a rebellious Atlantic water sect bent on revenge for Taras' death. In the process she encounters TOMB RAIDER's Lara Croft and WITCHBLADE's Sara Pezzini. When all hell breaks loose can these three women with different goals find common ground to defeat a common enemy?

Intro from the Comic

Short Description

important (Story-)Elements



This is a three-part comic crossover of Fathom, Tomb Raider and Witchblade.

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Michael Turner