Falling Rocks

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Falling Rocks
Obstacle Type Flattening Trap

Falling Rocks, are a naturally occurring trap, that can be found in several of the Tomb Raider Games.


Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation

In the level The Great Pyramid, while climbing up outside the structure, Lara is confronted with stone blocks falling down from above. To avoid these it is best to stand close to the upper edge and to crouch down. The stone will then tumble past.
They also appear as falling ceiling blocks in the Temple of Horus level.

Tomb Raider (2013) - A Survivor is Born

At the end of the Force of Will level, when escaping the Scavenger's Den Lara encounters falling rocks. They may kill her when she lingers after coming down the slope after the Collapsing Floor.

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A similar trap is the rolling boulder which instead of falling from the ceiling comes tumbling down a slope.
Basically the same trap but instead of naturally occurring rocks that fall down from above in this case the ceiling of a building falls down.