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Image:BarefootEveningDress.PNG|Ripped version in action.
Image:BarefootEveningDress.PNG|Ripped version in action.
Image:ShoesSig.png| Lara's discarded high heels  
Image:ShoesSig.png| Lara's discarded high heels  
Image:Legend concept art.jpg|Concept art on the outfit

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Evening, Ripped

Evening, Ripped is one of the unlockable outfits in Tomb Raider Legend. It is the actual playable version of the Evening Dress. This outfit can later be picked after unlocking and choosing it from the menu when replaying a level.


Worn In


The outfit is unlocked by successfully finishing the level Japan - Meeting with Takamoto.

The Outfit

  • Skimpy black dress, ripped on it's sides
  • Black lace panties
  • Barefoot

Know Glitch

After finishing the Japan level, the game immediately loads the next level; Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland. For many PC users it has been known to load the next level except Lara is still wearing the ripped dress rather than her trademark Standard Expedition Gear outfit.

Bugs When Wearing The Outfit In Other Levels

  • When wearing the Evening, Ripped outfit on snow levels, Lara's footprints show bootprints rather than barefoot prints in the snow
  • When wearing the Evening, Ripped outfit on any level other than Japan during any cutscene, you can clearly hear the "clomping" sound of her trademark boots rather than the "pit-pat" of her bare feet



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