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The Enix Corporation (株式会社エニックス) was a Japanese company that developed and produced video games, anime and manga. Both Enix and Squaresoft merged to become Square Enix in April of 2003.

Association with the Tomb Raider Series

Enix developed the Japanese localized version of Tomb Raider III, releasing both English and Japanese versions in Japan on two disks in one package. All of Core Design's original work on the game was kept, except that Enix developed the Japanese language Audio, ingame text and tweaked some of the gameplay to make gameplay easier for Japanese players. Lowering an enemy's health for example.

An interesting fact, alot of fans were critical when SquareEnix and Eidos merged, as SquareEnix have not had history with the Tomb Raider Series. This is obviously not true as Enix themselves had development involvement with Tomb Raider III.