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Tr9 egg poacher bird's nest.png

part of a challenge

Game(s) Tomb Raider (2013)

Eggs can be found in Tomb Raider (2013) in bird nests in the Mountain Village location. They are part of the the Egg Poacher Challenge.

The bird nests and the eggs inside are typically located at higher locations around the mountain village, for example in top of roofs and on rocky outcrops.

List of Eggs

  • While climbing up the waterfall during the level Cry for Help, on her way up to the radio tower, Lara has an enemy encounter near two huts. The larger left hut has a nest of eggs on its roof. It is located at 53N 712471 UTM 3416197.

  • After leaving the Hall of Ascension, shoot a Rope Arrow at the arch to the left and slide down. (There is a Statue here for the Illumination challenge.) Drop down to the lower ledge. (53N 712509 UTM 3416202)
  • (53N 712510 UTM 3416188)
  • Get into the large wooden house. Run up the sets of stairs as far as you can. There step out onto the balcony facing south. There turn towards the steep cliff wall on the right and jump up to the roof. Pull up. Head over to the right and onto the lower roof at the back. The nest of eggs rests there. It's at 53N 712458 UTM 3416172.
  • Starting of from the Village Plateau base camp, head up the scar left by the newly arrived plane, to reach the upper level of the Mountain Village, where the tail of the plane crashed. Here head into the passage between the two huts and wall scramble up to the shrine in the NW corner. (Like for one part of the Illumination challenge.) Turn to the roof of the nearby hut and jump onto it. The nest is on the other side of the roof ridge, on the left. 53N 712463 UTM 3416153