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Dxtre3d is the name of an unofficial level editer developed by Turbo Pascal. Unlike the official editor, however, Dxtre3d is able to create levels based on the first Tomb Raider through to the fifth Tomb Raider. The official editor (released with the Tomb Raider: Chronicles PC game) only let players create levels based on the engine of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.


Dxtre3d was created and programmed by Turbo Pascal, using a computer language called DELPHI, with the help of many Tomb Raider fans (see below). The second revision was released in April, 2005, following the success of the first revision. What came next was a flurry of activity, as new tools were introduced to be used in conjunction with Dxtre3d. These included TBUILDER by Iceberg for the creation of textures, and Pixstr2 by Raider Croft, used to customize objects. In August 2005, Turbo Pascal released a demo version of dxtre3d 3.0 Alpha. This spin off version was a 3D level editor designed for general game development with slightly different features.

Dxtre3d 2.0 features

The main reason for the success of the level editor was the fact that it was able to create levels based on all the different Tomb Raider games. Other features include:

  • Improved texture rendering
  • Taller rooms
  • 2D map
  • Diagonal walls (tr3, tr4, trc)

The demo for dxtre3d 3.0 alpha contains the following features:

  • Portals for world level
  • Grid system for accuracy
  • World level exporter to 'easy to read' text file format


As acknowledged in the manual to dxtre3d, there were many people who contributed towards the success of dxtre3d.

  • Raider Croft
  • E. Popov
  • Roy Goldbold
  • Dale Rickert
  • Kelvin the Vagrant
  • Iceberg
  • Michiel (Aka TRWAD)